Cleaners - Treatments

Prices as of 3/1/10

Basic Coatings:

Squeaky Cleaner
Mix 1:4 for Daily/Weekly cleaning - 4 gallons/case, $17.50/ gallon, $70.00/case

Intensive Floor Treatment
Mix 1:4 for Spot Cleaning, 4 gallons/case, $28.80/ gallon, $115.20/case

CourtClean Maintenance System

“A Poor Mans Automatic Scrubber”

Prices as of 3/1/10


Simply dampen towel with Squeaky Cleaning Solution or Super ShineAll and attach to the 8’ long CourtClean and in about 5 minutes, one person can easily wet mop an entire gymnasium floor.

Court Clean w/one towel - $450.00 ea.
Additional Towels - $28.00 ea.

Safe-Off Gym Floor Tape

Prices as of 3/1/10

Designed to be removed from most gym floors without causing any damage to finished. Please test sample tape on your floor.

2" White - 270 l.f. per roll, $31.50/roll
1" White - 270 l.f. per roll, $21.50/roll

Rubber Flooring

Prices as of 3/1/10 (quantity discounts available)

Ultimate Heavy Duty Flooring:
4'x6'x1/2", black - $55.00/mat
4'x6'x3/4", black - $60.00/mat
4'x6'x1/2", color fleck - $70.00/mat

Interlocking Rubber Tiles:
1/2", black - $3.60/sq ft
1/2", colors - $4.57/sq ft
3/8" interlocking available
Additional specialty flooring available, just ask!

Service work is price on a "per job" basis and would need to be specifically quoted. All product prices are fob shipping point and may be subject to shipping and handling charges. Prices subject to change without notice.

Contact Byron for more information.