Court Clean™ Maintenance Systems

One of the most overlooked areas of gym floor maintenance is the daily dust and damp mopping that must be done to remove dust, dirt, body oils and sweat that can cause your floor to be slippery. Damp mopping a huge gym floor can take hours and light scrubbing is impossible without the use of an expensive automatic floor machine so the end result is that it just doesn’t get done.

Court Clean™ is your answer. Simply damped and attach a one piece cleaning towel to the 8’ long Court Clean™ and in about 5 minutes one person can lightly damp mop the entire gym floor and play can start almost immediately.

Court Clean™ Cost Savings Analysis

Based on a typical 7,000 sq. ft. gym floor

Cleaning once per day
Time using Mop & Bucket60 minutes
Time using Courtclean®10 minutes
Time Saved50 minutes
Average Hourly Labor Rate$20.00
Projected Savings ($20.00 x 0.83)$16.67

Cleaning once per day per Year
Annual projected time savings216.66 hours
Annual projected cost savings$4,334.00

Cleaning 3 times per Day
Annual projected time savings650 hours
Annual projected cost savings$13,000.00
Initial Cost of Courtclean system$585.00
Net savings for Year One$12,415.00
Additional costs per year (1 refill kit)$135.00
Net savings after Two Years$24,695.00

8’ Court Clean™ w/towel - $410.00 + frt., Additional Towels - $25.00 each